About Us

Clothing Our Champions… on and off the Field


Kombat Sportswear is Fiji and the South Pacific’s leading manufacturer and supplier of premium sporting apparels and corporate uniforms. We specialise in producing dynamic and unique garment concepts that combine with our exclusive and contemporary fabric styles to deliver a result that is both attractive and comfortable.

Established in 2010, we currently possess a team of 25 skilful personnel that hold dear the values of intergrity, transparency and honesty.

From humble origins, the company began when Koji Tokito, the Managing Director of Kombat Sportswear, initially was operating his own business while simultaneously helping his friend who was operating a sublimation company. Koji was asked to manage the company. Gradually, the management of the business transformed into the birth of Kombat.

Why Kombat with a ‘K’? In any sport, there’re two teams playing against each other. In essence, it’s a form of combat where one comes out as the winner while the other loses. The name is used to identify and set us apart in the sportswear industry.

Our proven track record has established Kombat Fiji as a brand that empowers both the sporting community and corporate world.